racism interdisciplinary congress

{ client: CONPDL }
my touch in this project: concept, banner design
CONPDL is an annual interdisciplinary congress that brings together scholars and stakeholders from the areas of psychoanalysis, law and literature to discuss, based on a literary work, an important topic for society at the moment. in 2017, the readings on the theme racism came from the book quarto de despejo (dumping room, in free translation but published as child of the dark), by carolina maria de jesusthe elements and colors come from parts of the book:
"When I'm in the city, I have the impression that I'm in the visiting room with its crystal chandeliers, velvet rugs, satin cushions, and when I'm in the favela, I feel like an out-of-use object worthy of being in a dumping room."

"What an amazing effect food makes on our bodies! I, that before eating saw the sky, the trees, the birds, everything yellow, after I ate, everything came back to my eyes."

concept & illustration: ronei sampaio [amí comunicação & design]

square = dumping room / yellow square = hunger / square filled with body parts: black people's body as an out-of-use-object

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